Photos of Ireland. Feel free to use them, please only retain author information. Many have been used in my Wikipedia articles.

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Lough Callee

Lough Callee (Loch CaillĂ­)

St. Anne's Church

St. Anne's church in Shandon

Rocks at Mizen Head

Rocks at Mizen Head

Desolated House at Mizen Head

Desolated house at Mizen Head


Henry Street in Kenmare, with Holy Cross church at the end

Mount Gabriel

Mount Gabriel

Lee flooded - sculpture

Red Dragon scuplture in Lee Fields after flooding

Sheep Cove Waves

Waves breaking at Sheep Cove

Dunmanus Bay from Dun Lough

Dunmanus Bay as seen from Dun Lough

Clonakilty Harbor

Clonakilty Harbor

Waves breaking at Mizen Head

Waves breaking at Three Castle Head

Signal towers at Crookhaven

Signal towers at Crookhaven

Sheep Cove

Seaweed at Sheep Cove

Old Grave near Kinsale

Graveyard overlooking the Kinsale Harbour

Oliver Plunkett Street

Oliver Plunkett Street on a Saturday

Cobh roofs

The roofs of Cobh

St. Paul's Church

Tower of St. Paul's church in Ardmore

St Declan's Oratory

8th century oratory of St. Declan in Ardmore

St Declan's Cathedral

St. Declan's cathedral

Ardmore Round Tower

Round tower in Ardmore, detail 1

St Colmans Cathedral

St Colemans Cathedral, tower detail

Sabourn Ovation cruise ship stationed in Cobh

Seabourn Ovation cruise ship stationing in Cobh

Cobh Museum

Cobh Museum

Church in Ballincollig

Modern church in Ballincollig

Bridge in Crossbarry

Bridge in Crossbarry

Rock formation at Sheep Cove

Rock at Sheep Cove

Ballincollig Old Quarter Area

Old Quarter, Ballincollig

Schull main street

Schull, main street

Old church in Schull

Old church in Schull

Long Strand, co. Cork

The Long Strand

Swans on flooded Lee Fields

Swans on Lee Fields, west of Cork city

Altar Wedge Tomb in Toormore 2

Altar Wedge Tomb in Toormore

Sheep's Head Utility Posts

Utility posts on Sheep's Head

Penrose House

Penrose House

R&H Hall Building in Cork Marina

R & H Hall in the Port of Cork

Dusk Cobh Panorama

Cobh panorama at dusk