About the blog

I’m interested in analog photography, so naturally I try a “new” old camera every now and then. This blog contains my notes on these cameras, collected from hardcopy and Web materials, as well as my hands-on experience. Occasionally I organize my notes into blog articles, so here they are. Currently you will find many more articles in the Polish version of this blog; English translations will be added gradually. Feel free to browse the Polish versions, as some photos may be of value even without understanding the accompanying text.

Adam Podstawczyński

PS1: The pics on my blog are to illustrate the capabilities and quirks of the cameras, and are not necessarily good. Some of my better photos can be found here.

PS2: Unless specified otherwise, I am the author of all content of this blog, including pictures and text. Please do not copy anything without my permission (which in most cases will be given promptly!)


A composition with Argus (forty four)
Kompozycja z Argusami (forty four)